How to get it Right

Measure your strap

How to measure your strap using a ruler

An Upload section is available in the Ordering Form. You just need to provide us with a picture of your Watch, indicating the Brand, Model and approximate Vintage.

Measuring your watch strap correctly is important if you want to make sure that you buy the right size watch strap. To do this, there’s two simple methods: using a ruler or using you smartphone. You can find hereunder explained the first method. 

If you need help to change your watch strap we can help you here.

1. Dimension at the case

To make the point that a Ruler is good enough, we compared results using a Ruler and Caliper and both are the same (19mm).
The measure at the Case is the most important one and needs to be taken with care.

2. 6’Oclock strap

The Long Watch Strap is called the 6 o’clock strap being below the 6 o’clock dial
In this example, it measures 103mm.

3. 12 o’clock Strap

The Short Watch Strap is called the 12 o’clock strap being above the 12 o’clock dial
In this example, it measures 63mm.

4. Dimension at the Buckle (optional)

You can reuse your existing Buckle provided you carefully take this measure
In this example, the Buckle-end measures 16mm.

5. When ordering a “Double Tour”

We need 3 measures; 1. At the Case, 2. The size of the Case, 3. The size of your Wrist
In this example, the Case measures 40mm.