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May Twenty, our idea of luxury

The idea came-about in 2014 as Alix simply tried to replace a warn-out Watch Strap. Local suppliers failed to meet her wishes. So, when conceptualizing May Twenty, her Watch Strap offering would need to fulfill 3 requirements; combine choice and quality, be adaptable to all shapes and forms, have a short delivery time whilst being reasonably priced object (the watch case) often charged.

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Meet Alix

Her dream is to empower customers by offering them a customizable product that is a true reflection of their individuality. Because she thoroughly appreciates the “Swiss way of life”, she is glad to contribute, in her modest way, to a pillar of Swiss culture.

Alix is French, has a master degree in Law (was a legal practitioner at the Paris bar). As a lawyer, she specialized in Intellectual Property and Trademarks. Furthermore, she studied modern and contemporary art and has a license in Art History

After marrying an Anglo-Swiss, she moved to Switzerland in the region of Zürich. With her husband, they have 3 children.

Avid golfer (Hcp 7).

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