Women wearing men’s watches

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A trend to follow


owadays, one sees more and more women wearing men’s watches. Most of the time, they look absolutely great and complement nicely a casual outfit. Cartier, years ago understood the phenomenon and tried to take advantage of it when relaunching The Pasha in 38mm sizes. The Paul Newman Daytona (36/37mm) is also a very nice trans-gender watch, often to be seen on beaches in St Barth or Porto Cervo. Anything over 38mm tends to be too big and will not sit nicely on a woman’s wrist.

A man’s watch worn by a woman tells a story, one of filiation and legacy when it was inherited. One of partnership when it belongs (belonged) to the loved one. In an office, the message can be even stronger, as it will also convey an egalitarian one.

While women’s watches were often conceived as jewels with no/little consideration for the movement (quartz being the fall back solution), luxury men watches have aesthetics to match their instrumentation. Smaller watches are gradually disappearing with fewer and fewer luxury watch makers focusing on the at or below 26mm segment.

In our everyday lives, it is seldom conceivable to be wandering around with a diamond paved watch. On the contrary, a vintage men’s watch will convey beauty and functionality more in line with today’s tastes. Physically also, the human race is changing, women are becoming taller.

In a similar way a vintage dress needs to be accessorized with up to date shoes, jewellery… a vintage men’s watch needs to have a more “feminine” and size-wise adjusted Watch Strap to be truly perfect on a woman’s wrist. For instance, brown is seldom a colour to be recommended and flat mat black crocodile can be a major let down.

One great advantage for a woman in adopting a vintage men’s watch, is that in most instances they have straight inserts at the case, meaning they can easily to fitted with interchangeable inserts and therefore one can have several Straps for any given watch. Poiray is famous for its “Ma Première” watch that allows multiple bracelet permutations, now at May Twenty the same is offered for any straight or curved watch at the case.